Let's extend our own life at least with 10 years !

There is no more sense than to fight for your own life!


How will this happen ?

The disease is chaos. Death is chaos. Evil is chaos.

Become a part of, arrange your life!

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What is

- How to eat? 

- How to do exercise?

- How you live in days, weeks, months, years?

- Make your diet or training plan and 

share it with your friends or physicians!

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How to book appointments or ask physicians? 

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In for you take care physicians from 34 medical specialties:

Allergy and Immunology

Cardiology and Vascular Medicine

critical care medicine

clinical laboratory


emergency medicine

endocrinology and metabolic disorders

gastroenterology and hepatology


geriatric medicine

health maintenance


infectious diseases

instrumental diagnostics and treatment




obstetrician / gynecologist



pediatrics and adolescent medicine


pulmonary medicine


surgery, ENT

surgery, general

surgery, neurosurgery

surgery, orthopedics

surgery, thoracic

surgery, urology

surgery, vascular

surgery plastic

other and more…

In medical classification included:

over 1,000 medical sub-specialties

over 20 000 Symptoms

‚Äčover 3500 laboratory tests

over 50 000 Diseases

over 35 000 Drugs

‚Äčover 1500 Homeopathic drugs

over 10 000 supplements

over 9000 Foods

over 3000 Medical treatment and diagnostic procedures

many Hospitals and Clinics

over 500 000 cities worldwide

In all Countries

Be a Global Physician or a Global  Patient in, be a Global Human!



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We have never been so close to a solution, never your help was not more necessary. There are countries where access to resources deprives valuable ideas from the development environment. Unfortunately we live in one.

How you can help?

You can make a huge impact in the world with a small action. 
By getting involved you’ll be changing lives for the better, including your own.
You could transform the future for people and for you. 

Participate in the creation of the world's first online hospital - ! 
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