of Physicians and Volunteers

1. I have no envy and I never covet what is not mine.

2. I have no wrath and I never attack first.

3. I am faithful to the patients. I respect rules and order and I do not regret it.

4. I constantly learn, I strive for perfection and I help others do the same.

5. I serve the patients and the society, I respect my superiors and I answer before his conscience and his medical oath.

6. I aim higher than my needs but I do not let ambition blind me.

7. I keep clean in thoughts, clean in words, clean in deeds, clean in clothes, clean in body and soul.

8. I treasure Courage, Dignity and Nobleness. I place the interest of the patients before my own.

9. I am Conscious, Disciplined and I am responsible for my own actions and words.

10. I am devoted to deeds and not hesitation or interruption. I never give up.

11. I never rush but observe, analyze, choose the best option, I plan and act.

12. Honor, not glory. I give to the most worthy and not the most pleasing.

13. I trust but never overtrust. I hate lies and intrigue.

14. I love people but I stand in the way of the evil. I surround myself with my likes and I help them grow. I communicate to the best interests of the patients.

15. I respect the ideas of others and I try to have my own.

16. I respect the culture of others but I keep my principles pure.

17. I compete but only by the rules and laws. I never hide my knowledge from the patients and his colleagues.

18. I win but I never take revenge. I forgive, but do not discharge from liability.

19. I am not afraid to criticize and be criticized. I do not evade publicity and control. I do not blame my mistakes on others.

20. I think about what will be after me. I care not only for the patients but also their future.

21. I believe in goodness which will change the world!

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