Dr Shafi Ullah Khan Dr. Shafi Ullah Khan


Subscribe collective occupational medicine
Subscription medical care Off-line of employees of companies and organizations. Performing check-ups on the ground in organizations or firms subscription services. Strengthening the health and performance of employees in relation to the work they perform. Health surveillance of employees and analysis in connection with the work performed. Risk assessment. Instruction. Documents Guard truda.Instruktazhi. And maintaining a healthy and safe working conditions. Determine the frequency and types of compulsory medical examinations of workers, according to the degree of potential health risk. Development of documents relating to the provision and maintenance of safe and healthy working conditions, as required by regulations. Training of workers and officials on the rules for health and safety at work. Annual summary analysis of the health of employees on the basis of: Providing recommendations on reconstruction jobs, work organization and workload of diseased employees. Provision of information to employees about the health risks associated with their work and the results of medical check-ups and tests. Giving advice to individual employees in relation to health and safety at work. Draw conclusions of fitness to work of employees on recruitment and after the screening.

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